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Review: Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese? For the uninitiated, this isn't a food book, but is definitely great if you're hungry for solving your own life's dilemmas.

I've read this book about 7 times, at different stages in life. From moving out of college, to quitting a job to travel, to the big decision of marriage. Every time I needed choosing, and every time I needed strength to accept newness and change, I knew a reading was due. The book consists of little, men-like creatures and mice stuck in a maze, looking for Cheese (metaphors for finding success and happiness in the maze of life.) It is narrated as a fable, at a class reunion of middle aged men, and yet the book resonates with readers of all ages alike.

The progression of the story brings forth various significant questions and lessons (presented as writings on the wall.) The most important (and my favorite) of these being - WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? That is the very crux of what we need to teach ourselves to answer.

After my third reading of the book, I realized my own truth about choices: The choice is not difficult, but the immensity of the execution is. And we tend to choose differently hence. That is human nature. The one of comfort and ease. But if you want to get equipped with the mindset for initiative, exploration and risk, then this is the book to start with!

The read is short and quick. Whats beautiful and lasting is how easily the metaphor fits into almost any situation from present/ past and that it is possible to derive strength from the writings on the wall!

P.S There is a version of the book specifically for Teens. Choose a text suitable for your age. The cover should make that pretty clear.


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