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New Blog Feature: Reading Rewind!

That's right, dear readers! Stacee of Adventures of a Book Junkie and I have dreamt up a new blog feature that is:

1. Fun!

2. Low pressure.

3. Did we mention fun?!

Exactly 1 week ago, I was Insta-stalking my favorite bookish accounts on Instagram and stumbled upon a post by Stacee that featured two of my favorite books: If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I made a fangirl comment on her photo, after which we fell into a conversation about wanting to re-read some of our old favorite books to see whether our feelings about them have changed over time, or if they remain the same. I know I hand out fewer 4- and 5-star reviews for the books I read now, as compared to when I first started BlookGirl. When I mentioned the idea of a once-a-month blog feature of an old favorite, Stacee and I took our conversation to email, where we discussed details, decided on a feature name, and collaborated on our logo.

And thus, READING REWIND was born! Cue the trumpets! Clash the cymbals! Pound the drums! Okay, don't get too carried away.

So, what is Reading Rewind exactly?

Every month, Stacee and I will choose an old favorite to read and review on our respective blogs on the 15th. We may decide to read the same book, but more often than not, we'll each feature a different book. Within each post, there will be three questions that we'll always answer, that way if our bloggy friends and fellow readers would like to join in, they have a focal point from which to start. These questions are:

1. When did you originally read the book and what did you rate it?

2. Why did you love it?

3. After the reread, did your feelings about it and rating change? Why or why not?

See? Simple! Some blog features are posted every week, or twice a month. Reading Rewind is only once a month, and in the middle of the month at that, leaving plenty of time to reconsider an old favorite.

We would love for YOU to participate in our Reading Rewind, to see what your old favorites were and how you feel about them now. If this monthly feature sounds fun and you're chomping at the bit for an excuse to dust off your bookshelves, WELCOME!

How do you participate?

  • Choose an old favorite from your bookshelves to read, and create your own Reading Rewind post. You can use the Reading Rewind graphic above, or create your own. Whatever you choose to do, please credit and link back to your hosts, Adventures of a Book Junkie and Shelfishly Addicted.

  • Stacee and I will post our Reading Rewind feature on the 15th of each month, but you can post on whichever day you'd like.

  • Visit one (or, ideally, both!) of our blogs on the 15th to share your Reading Rewind post link so that we, and everyone else, can visit you!

  • Finally, be sure to share the love and stop by other blogs who are participating in Reading Rewind!

Just wait til you see which book Stacee and I picked as our first feature on Reading Rewind! It was (and may still be) a favorite of many YA book lovers, and for me, it was the book that started my love affair with YA. Any guesses? :-) Our first posts go up tomorrow!

I'm excited about this new venture and am looking forward to sharing new thoughts on old favorites with all of you. Happy reading, dear readers!

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